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Part Inspection

Using the latest technologies, we can provide solutions for inspection requirements and automate your process to minimize your production costs.

  • Vision systems can be used to identify part shape, measure lengths, colors, surface condition, and inspect for missing pieces.  We continue to partner with Cognex for vision systems but  use multiple camera suppliers to provide our customers with additional resources and experience based upon the application.

  • Non-Contact measurement can be obtained with the use of lasers and sensors other than vision cameras. The device chosen will depend on the required tolerances.

  • Contact measurements using SMAC units can check for concentricity, diameter and length. With the ability to obtain measurements of +1- .5 micron, these units are also programmed  to measure the distance traveled and the force applied.

  • Gage pin measurements can be automated to use older technology, which allows an operator to be available for other processes. This reduces your costs with the added bonus of additional process control.

  • Sensors can be used to easily check for missing pieces of your assembly.  Screws, clips, springs even non-metallic parts can be detected when using probes.

  • Weight measurement can be used to check for voids in your molded products or volume in the container.

  • Leak and volume checks can be performed on items such as reservoirs or couplings and can be accomplished with different test media. We have pressure tested from 1 to 10,000 psi and have used a multitude of test media including helium, nitrogen, air, petroleum based fluids and water based fluids.


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Radco Industries creates robotic
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We are registered integrators for
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Cognex Vision Systems

Radco Industries has been supplying customers with custom automation solutions since 1962.  We have extensive experience in assembly, adhesive and gasket dispense, vision systems, CNC, indexing, positioning, fixturing, parts and more.  Using the latest technologies and employing our extensive experience, we provide custom machinery products and services that are innovative and reliable while being simple to operate and maintain. 

Our robotic part handling/racking/gauging system takes small parts, inspects them and then robotically places them into the customer’s individual trays. The current gauging system will automatically handle four empty trays and four full trays, but the number of trays is dependent upon the tray size, floor spaces considerations, etc.

The robotic parts handling system receives numerous small parts from the discharge of an upstream machine via automation or manually loading them into a bulk hopper and controlled in-feed device. The controlled stream of parts is then delivered to an orienting and positioning devices that places then in a single straight line, body to body to be fed into the handling system.

The robotics parts handling system operation is fully automatic with the exception of the bulk part loading, removal of full trays and loading of empty trays. Some of the strong points of this handling system include the over/under conveyors, the elevator, the extremely short robot excursion to maximize speed, the ability to incorporate inspection, gauging and vision, the compact size to minimize floor space and the simplicity/robustness of the concept. 

Call Radco Industries today at 419-531-4731. Let us help your company create the custom machinery you need to maintain your competitive edge.